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Yet another sale/signing?

We’re going to be looking into doing another comic art and book sale during the last College Hour at MiraCosta College’s Oceanside campus. College Hour goes from about 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon.

Now, this hasn’t been finalized, but the idea is rolling around in Tyler’s head, and he’ll be getting up with Monica and the other maniacs to see if it’s possible. Also, we’re looking to do a sale/signing at UCSD in the near future as well. Not sure if it was mentioned before, but the date for that has to be arranged.

Also (yes, even more news!), 2 Spoons Coffee has opened its doors to us again, so we’ll probably try to set something up closer to Comic-Con and we’ll keep you posted here.



So our signing went rather well, though we were hoping for more people to show up considering the amount of publicity the book received in the week leading up to the signing.

Oh well, no big deal.

We’ll be setting up another signing or two before Comic Con, and we’ll keep the blog updated with the dates and locations for when they happen.

Otherwise, Tyler’s working on the proposal for the agent, which should be finished and sent off by Monday of next week, and then the waiting game and guessing game of “do we have an agent?” begins.

Stay tuned folks, more updates and other news coming when something happens, or when one of us jumps on here and has something to say.


Our boy was on the Tube

Last night, Fox 5 San Diego ran a story about Tyler and the comic book. Apparently, they found out about the comic book after reading the North County Times article (thanks again, Renee for the publicity!), and thought that it would be a good story for their 10:00pm newscast.

OK, for those of you who saw it, Tyler was, and still is, quite sick with some sinus infection and cough; and no, he doesn’t always sound that lame. Regardless, the word is getting out down here in little ol’ San Diego County about this project, and a big thanks to Nadine Toren and the Fox 5 News team are in order, so THANK YOU!!

Here it is folks, the Fox 5 San Diego clip link: Tyler on the Tube

If you would like to get a copy of the comic or get on our mailing list, send an email to: and keep watching the blog to see what happens next (if anything).


The newspaper article

The local paper came through and got the article about the book out in today’s (Monday, 3/23) edition, and I think it’s fucking AMAZING!

Hell, they gave us a spot above the fold (in journalism, that’s prime beach front real estate) and a color mug shot of me.

Anyway, here’s the link:

Comments are always welcome.


The location for our little shindig

Here’s the address for all of you Google maps and Mapquest fiends:

3829 Plaza Dr
Oceanside Ca 92056

Now you can find us on the 29th.


Comic Signing and Art Sale

Well, we had to change the date and location of our art sale.  Those of you who knew about it in advance, I’m sorry that things got jerked around at the last minute.  For everyone else, it’s probably the first time hearing about it.

The new date will be March 29th.  It’s the last Sunday of the month, and we will be at 2Spoons Coffee in Oceanside from 12-3 pm.  I’ll get the address posted up here in a few days– I’m supposed to be on a mini-vacation, but I couldn’t leave this thing alone with that one lame post.

Also, there will be an article in the North County Times in the coming days about the comic and, the idiot who came up with the idea and who writes it (that would be me).  I’ll post the link up here once the article is out and will try to find a way to permalink it if possible.

I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing, so be patient with me.

I’ll have something new posted, as well as the address for 2Spoons Coffee by Wednesday night.


Let’s do this

Here it is: our handy website substitute.

Just a quick post for now.

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