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We have a logo!!

It seems I had a moment of genius yesterday, I was bored and drew up a little logo.
Here’s why:
We don’t have a booth for Comic Con because we are broke.
But we will be there! I mean hello! Comic Con!!!
Anyway, back on topic. We figured we would get some T-shirts made so people would know who we are and what we do as we give comics away. We figured it would be better to give away than to sell considering nobody knows us.
So we needed a logo, and I came up with this.
Land of Confusion Logo

It’s just a first draft, so I will work on making it cleaner and look more professional…
Hope you like it!



Sorry it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy with finals and trying to have a life outside of school and the comic book, if possible.

I just finished scripting issue 7. Two new characters show up, and the fates of two others are set in motion.

I know I haven’t been keeping script updates here, but as I finish up issue scripts, I’ll let you all know with a little teaser like the one above.

And it is exactly 2 months until Comic-Con 2009.



About Monica (yup, more about meeeeeeee!!!)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to keep you updated about my professional situation…
I now officially have an agent!
I signed with the same agent Tyler did. It took me a while because I questionned pretty much everything since I am so annal! lol
Seriously though, thank you for your patience Jon (the agent, for those who don’t know).
So yay!!!!

later dudes!


Comic Con

Hello, hello!

For the past four weeks, all the members of the group have been waiting to hear about the registration office at Comic Con. We needed to send them proof of being professionals in order to get a professional pass for the duration of the event. And then they needed to process the information.
To be truthful, Monica had started to loose hope and had resigned herself to not going; but wasn’t about to tell anyone until one of two things happened:
1. Comic Con had come and gone and we weren’t there.
2. and the reason for this post… WE GOT OUR PASSES TO COMIC CON!!!!!
Yes, I get excited when good stuff happens! Oh, and and I’m sick of the whole third person thing, so when you see a post written in the first person, you’ll know it’s me, Monica. Tyler does his thing… I don’t understand it, and quite honestly, I’m not sure anyone (including himself) does…
Now enough Tyler bashing! (although I never seem to be able to get tired of it, hmm…)

So that’s the great news of the day!
I am hard at work to bring to life the last few pages of issue 1, but to be honest, school and life tend to get in the way… But I can totally do it! YEAH!

That’s all folks!


News from Tyler

Well, some good news for this guy. In a sense, this has been a long time coming, but really, it validates all the time I’ve spent away from my awesome and understanding wife.

First, I now have an agent after 14 years of writing and suffering rejection, both from agents/editors/publishers, and myself, of my work. I finally feel like I’m growing into myself as a writer and my career as a writer.

Second, I was admitted into Arizona State University’s Creative Writing BA program. I only applied to ASU and got in on the first shot. I woe my preparedness to my professors at MiraCosta College in Oceanside for helping me get there.

And third, the coolest part of all, at least academically speaking: I was accepted into Barrett, The Honors College at ASU. I was worried about my GPA being too low for their admissions standards, but this appears to be one of those times when it’s better to be lucky than good.

With these developments, I will be busy as all get out. Never fear, though: the comic book is going strong and Monica has been busting her ass to get the art handled. Seriously folks, without her constantly keeping me updated on what she’s working on and asking me to give her images and details to help her, my head would be up my ass with school work. So please, leave a comment of appreciation for her, ’cause without her, well, like I’ve said before, the book would just be a document on a hard drive.

I’m off like a prom dress to work on research projects on comic books for two classes.



A message from Tyler

Something came up over the last weekend and I feel it needs to be addressed.


With the recent and rapid media blitz on us, as well as dealing with an agent, we haven’t had much time to talk about these developments in any real depth other than rapid and excited short conversations through email and over the phone. However, now that we’ve had a chance to let some of this absorb into our brain housing group, the issue of credit and who gets it reared its head.

First off, I only write the story. Yes, this book was spawned from the ether of my mind, but I ONLY WRITE the story. I’ve been the one out front working with the media, and that’s fine, but make no mistake: I am just the writer and one of the two creators.

Second, Monica is the reason the book is where it is. Without her artwork, the story would just be a script on a hard drive. Her artwork brings the story that I’ve written to life, and for that, I am grateful. Also, her art is her’s: she owns the copyright on all of the images, so if you want to use them or whatever, you’ll have to talk to her about it, not me.

I don’t want anyone to get the idea that this is entirely my project and “baby.” I am working with three excellent artists to make this happen, and they deserve more credit than I do because without them, this would be, again, a document on a hard drive. instead, these three people have brought it to life.

Everyone should know that this is a group project, and while I may have written it, it by no means is all about me. We have all played a significant role in the execution of the idea, and for that, everyone deserves credit.

As for future media dealings, Monica and I will both be handling them to ensure that the entire project is presented, not just my point of view.

Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at Comic Con in July.

Your friend,




Hey, hey, hey!!!!

So according to Tyler, we now have representation!!!

That’s right, we are going places, people!!!

An agent, do you realize!!! HAAAAAAA!!!! So awesome!!!

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