I’ll bet you’re wondering who these whackos are who created this nightmare on paper.

Ok, maybe not.

But it makes us feel better if we think that you care who we are; after all, we have egos to feed, too.  Nothing works better to assuage our feelings of isolation and self-loathing than to dream that people, like you, care about us to know who we are.

The creative team, at a glance:
Tyler Jones, Writer, Creator

Tyler is a Creative Writing Major gearing up to head off to Arizona State University to do what ever writing majors do.  Land of Confusion is his first comic that he’s written and created and gotten to the development phase.  Tyler also loves his wonderful wife, Vanessa, who he conned with guilt and incessant begging  into doing the cover art and coloring.  When he’s not trying to find new ways to mock society with his pen, he shares his time with his wife and birds: Chili, Gir, Static, Zim, and Keef, as well as two little teddy bear hamsters.

Monica Roussel, Artist, Co-Creator

Monica is a communications major at a university in San Diego.  Which one?  You’ll have to ask her.  Originally from France, Monica has many years of art schooling under her belt and is heavily influenced by the Japanese style manga art.  Her art, featured in the MiraCosta College student newspaper, The Chariot, helped get her the gig on her current project.  She created the whole look and feel of the story of Land of Confusion, and her contributions have helped move the project forward.  Without her, there would be no comic to speak of, and Tyler would be twiddling his thumbs waiting for someone as good as Monica to come around and give life to his story.  If you love the book, she is the one to thank.

Tommy Arseneau, Letters

Tommy’s an art major and is heading up to the LA area to continue his studies.  Tommy was hoodwinked into lettering the book after Tyler found out that he was an artist, and the rest is, as the cliche goes, history.   If you can’t read the book, blame him, but remember, it’s not entirely his fault: it’s probably because Tyler was jerking the script around, again.  Damned perfectionist.

Vanessa Alderson-Jones, Color and Cover Art

Vanessa is the ever patient and loving wife of Tyler.  Seriously.  She is a patient woman.  She takes the madness and usual incomprehensible drivel from Tyler and somehow makes brilliant cover art and brings Monica’s art to life.  Vanessa is also the other part of the Dream Team: Monica brings the story to life, Vanessa gives it to you in Techni-color, or something like that (I hope I don’t get sued for using Techni-color).  When Vanessa is not working on the comic, she is painting custom art and custom sketch portraits.

Any messages or comments to the creative team will be answered by someone when they have the time– we’re students, have full-time jobs, and on occasion like to have a social life.  I know it’s a bit much for us to ask, but hey, we have needs, too.

If something happens with the team, we’ll update this page, if needed.

Here we are.  Leave a comment for the person you want to reach.


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