Status Update

So Jon’s sent out submissions to quite a few places, and we still haven’t heard back from a few. We’re stuck now playing the waiting game, which is not much different from when I was in the military: hurry up and wait.

Anyway, here’s the list of the publishers our book is on submission with:

Kitchen Sink
Picture Box
Dark Horse
Dynamite Ent.
Slave Labor
NBM–Already passed because they don’t do graphic work anymore, or something to that effect.
AIT/Planet Lar
Anarctic Press
Arcana Comics
Avatar Press
Top Cow

Some of these publishers, like Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, Avatar, and Top Cow are fairly well-known, so there is a good chance that if we get a deal, it won’t be with a publisher that only has books in the bargain area of Barnes and Noble. However, some of the smaller publishers, like Slave Labor, AIT/Planet Lar, Kitchen Sink, et al would open our work up to a new audience, which would be a great thing for all of us, not to mention the exposure.

Hopefully we’ll get something coming in the next few weeks or months– I’d like to have a deal at least on the table and in negotiations before I bounce out to Arizona on August 2nd.

Anyway, that’s the latest.



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