We have a logo!!

It seems I had a moment of genius yesterday, I was bored and drew up a little logo.
Here’s why:
We don’t have a booth for Comic Con because we are broke.
But we will be there! I mean hello! Comic Con!!!
Anyway, back on topic. We figured we would get some T-shirts made so people would know who we are and what we do as we give comics away. We figured it would be better to give away than to sell considering nobody knows us.
So we needed a logo, and I came up with this.
Land of Confusion Logo

It’s just a first draft, so I will work on making it cleaner and look more professional…
Hope you like it!


2 Responses to “We have a logo!!”

  1. 2009/06/02 at 09:01

    wow i like the logo. just some thought: make the photo a little larger and make what’s in the middle.once people get to know your comic they will be able to relate it to the logo. hope that helps! Monica Rocks!

  2. 2009/06/02 at 09:19

    that is, by far, the most confusing and least constructive comment EVER!!!!
    thank you kelle.

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