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Starts in 31 days.

We’re still playing the waiting game with the publishers, but hopefully that will end and we’ll have something in negotiations soon.

I have a writer’s conference/symposium/shameless self-publicity event at the Escondido Library on July 25th, where I’ll be plugging the comic and avoiding the worst day of Comic-Con. Go me!

Oh, I also set up a personal Facebook account…yeah, just throwing that out there.

Hope to see you at Comic-Con.



Update: No One Cares About Big Foot!

OK, well, that may not mean anything, and I got it from Tourette’s Guy.

Anyway, Monica is getting ready to take off to France for a month or so and I’m still working on the eighth issue script.

Just thought I’d post an update so that you knew we weren’t dead, held hostage, or fell in the toilet last week.



We have a logo!!

It seems I had a moment of genius yesterday, I was bored and drew up a little logo.
Here’s why:
We don’t have a booth for Comic Con because we are broke.
But we will be there! I mean hello! Comic Con!!!
Anyway, back on topic. We figured we would get some T-shirts made so people would know who we are and what we do as we give comics away. We figured it would be better to give away than to sell considering nobody knows us.
So we needed a logo, and I came up with this.
Land of Confusion Logo

It’s just a first draft, so I will work on making it cleaner and look more professional…
Hope you like it!