Comic Con

Hello, hello!

For the past four weeks, all the members of the group have been waiting to hear about the registration office at Comic Con. We needed to send them proof of being professionals in order to get a professional pass for the duration of the event. And then they needed to process the information.
To be truthful, Monica had started to loose hope and had resigned herself to not going; but wasn’t about to tell anyone until one of two things happened:
1. Comic Con had come and gone and we weren’t there.
2. and the reason for this post… WE GOT OUR PASSES TO COMIC CON!!!!!
Yes, I get excited when good stuff happens! Oh, and and I’m sick of the whole third person thing, so when you see a post written in the first person, you’ll know it’s me, Monica. Tyler does his thing… I don’t understand it, and quite honestly, I’m not sure anyone (including himself) does…
Now enough Tyler bashing! (although I never seem to be able to get tired of it, hmm…)

So that’s the great news of the day!
I am hard at work to bring to life the last few pages of issue 1, but to be honest, school and life tend to get in the way… But I can totally do it! YEAH!

That’s all folks!


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