Comic Signing and Art Sale

Well, we had to change the date and location of our art sale.  Those of you who knew about it in advance, I’m sorry that things got jerked around at the last minute.  For everyone else, it’s probably the first time hearing about it.

The new date will be March 29th.  It’s the last Sunday of the month, and we will be at 2Spoons Coffee in Oceanside from 12-3 pm.  I’ll get the address posted up here in a few days– I’m supposed to be on a mini-vacation, but I couldn’t leave this thing alone with that one lame post.

Also, there will be an article in the North County Times in the coming days about the comic and, the idiot who came up with the idea and who writes it (that would be me).  I’ll post the link up here once the article is out and will try to find a way to permalink it if possible.

I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing, so be patient with me.

I’ll have something new posted, as well as the address for 2Spoons Coffee by Wednesday night.


4 Responses to “Comic Signing and Art Sale”

  1. 1 Monica Roussel
    2009/03/18 at 11:42

    And bring some money!!!
    we’re broke!!!!!

    by the way: Hi all!!! (or any…) I’m Monica, the artist (sort of…)!

  2. 2 Mum
    2009/03/19 at 20:15

    Okay, Monica, the artist, sort of…

    I’ll have a couple of bucks in my wallet!!

    Looking forward to meeting you Sunday the 29th 🙂

    And landofconfusion-boy, you’re not an idiot!!!

    Mum, the Mum of landofconfusion-boy…really!

    • 3 Monica Roussel
      2009/03/20 at 18:09

      I just got very confused about what you said!! ^^
      Looking foward to meeting you too I guess^^

      wait… are you tyler’s mom?!?!?!
      cuz mum is mom is british.
      I just sounded totally retarded didn’t I?!?! (don’t answer that last one…)

  3. 4 Mum
    2009/03/21 at 09:08

    Well, Monica, after reading my first comment, I guess it might explain Tyler a bit, huh??!! (Yes, I’m Tyler’s mom…he and his brother call me Mum…don’t exactly remember why…we’re not British at all….maybe it was when Outback restaurant had a commercial for mother’s day and they said to bring your Mum!!!??? Ask Tyler….

    And no, you didn’t sound mentally challenged.

    See you Sunday 🙂

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